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February 18, 2014

Do You Know the Way to San Obscure?

I do, I do! See, I'd hoped to include in my busking set more popular songs that are actually popular, but none of that material felt right; it all got tossed. In its stead I've come up with a set of utter obscurities. Nary a "Hotel California" in the bunch. It may change before I unveil it in April or May, but as it stands now, here 'tis:
  1. It's a Beautiful Day Today (Moby Grape)
  2. Spanish Harlem Incident (Bob Dylan)
  3. Hello Mary Lou (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  4. That's Entertainment (The Jam)
  5. One Tin Soldier (The Original Caste)
  6. Skyway (The Replacements)
  7. Wasn't Born to Follow (The Byrds)
  8. The Hills of Greenmore (Traditional)
  9. Spanish Is the Loving Tongue (Traditional)
  10. You're a Better Man Than I (The Yardbirds)
  11. Girls of Wild Strawberries (Guided by Voices)
  12. My Mind's Eye (The Small Faces)
  13. Bike (Pink Floyd)
  14. The French Girl (Ian & Sylvia)
  15. Boxcars (R.E.M.)
I ran through it today to time it and in its wilfully bent way, it rocks. I'm hoping that part of my charm as the World's Most Introverted Busker (TM) is the exuberance I bring to these little-known gems. If I love to play them you'll love to hear them, so the thinking goes. Tweaking the arrangements and putting my own stamp on them has been a blast in and of itself.

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