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December 02, 2012

Benvereens Photos

A splendid time was indeed had by The Benvereens and friends last Wednesday at The Piston. For those of you who couldn't make the show, here are some photos.

The Benvereens onstage, November 28 at The Piston. L-R: David MacKinnon, Vince Nicholson, Dee Nicholson, Vern Nicholson. Photo courtesy Mike Atkinson.

Kicking off the all-star portion of the show with Mike Atkinson of Another Fine Mess. Photo courtesy Mike Atkinson.

Mark Robinson (second from left) and Shawn Adamson (second from right) join us for a spirited performance of "Swords of a Thousand Men." Featuring yours truly on extreme tambourine. Photo courtesy Deborah Taylor.

Chris Tait and Ron Hawkins sing along with The Benvereens on "I Saw the Light." Photo courtesy Mike Atkinson.

The Benvereens accompany Ron Hawkins on a rousing rendition of his "War Without End." Photo courtesy Colin Smith.

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