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July 19, 2010

Introducing ... The Benvereens

Who really need no introduction; they've been gigging around town for a few years now, led by a fine guitarist and songwriter who happens to be my brother, Vince. His wife Dee plays the drums, and they've just released their first full-length CD, a splendid slice of Americana called Backyard Songs. So why the fanfare?

Once upon a long ago, I spent a good decade as bassist/vocalist with power-pop trio Sour Landslide along with Vince (vocals/guitar) and Dee (drums)—gigging, recording, the whole bit, finally calling it a day in 1998. Though I've worked on some solo material in the interim, I've not been in a band since, and I've missed it. So when Vince told me recently that The Bens were in search of a new bassist, one thing led to another, and well ... here we all are once again.

So far, it's been a delightful mix of the strange and familiar: new name, new sound, same personnel. At our first rehearsal we all agreed that this nifty little unit sounds like us, not like Sour Landslide. It's as though the three of us took 12 years off, then joined a new band together.

And what do we sound like? Work in progress, Cap'n, but if you're insatiably curious come see us play! Upcoming dates:
  • August 13 (Fri) - This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton
  • August 26 (Thu) - The Local Pub, Toronto
  • September 24 (Fri) - The Smiling Buddha, Toronto

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