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January 18, 2010

Dear Nanny

Letter of complaint to the Toronto Transit Commission, submitted via their web site:

I ride the TTC frequently and hear the following message over the intercom several times a day: "Please remember that smoking is not permitted anywhere on the TTC."

Dear Nanny, how can we possibly forget? In addition to your patronizing announcements, no-smoking signs are plastered around every subway station. At my nearest station, Castle Frank, I counted 13 no-smoking signs on my walk from the bus bay to the eastbound platform. And on the course of said walk, I had to endure your kindly announcement twice.

Nanny, please remember to refrain from overkill on the TTC. Please?

Curiously, one has to look long and hard around Castle Frank Station to find any signage indicating which platform is the eastbound and which westbound. Surely that should take precedence over reminding riders they can't smoke for the fifteenth time?

Nanny, are you running a transit system or a health care clinic?

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