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February 09, 2009

Season Pass: The Reboot

I'm pleased to announce that Season Pass will be relaunched in 2009. Though I unearthed much material in 2008, the book's major premise—one dating attempt per game attended—came on board rather late, ultimately spinning out as that season wound down.

So, it's time to start the festivities afresh. Tantalizingly, this year brings a bonus and an early beginning: I'll be at Round 1, Pool C of the 2009 World Baseball Classic in Toronto (March 7-11; 6 games), plus I'll toss the full 2009 Toronto Argonaut schedule into the mix (June-November; 10 games).

That's 97 games, 97 dating attempts. Not 97 dates; I wish, but that's, er, unlikely. Busy as the season itself will be—and this thing called work might chew up some time, too—I hope to post updates as the proceedings unfold.

Predictions: Blue Jays finish 3rd, Argos 2nd in their respective divisions; I go on 15 dates. Wildly optimistic in the Jays' case perhaps, but it says here that Tampa Bay just cashed in their lone Cinderella season. Anyway, if I'm right that'll bump up my total to 98, as the Boatmen will host a playoff game. The fun officially kicks off February 25 (Blue Jays' first spring training game).

"So, any grand ideas for our first date?"

"Well, um, you into baseball by any chance?"

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